Easton Corbin is a four-time gold single selling country star who loves hunting as much as performing. When we were asked to do a special custom build for him, we knew we had to build a vehicle that was not only awesome to look at, but also functional for the hunt.

  • We turned a Polaris General 4 into the ultimate hunting machine. See the full breakdown of the parts we used below.
  • A state-of-the-art sound and light system was installed, including 4 Pro-II 10" tower speakers and a ProBox wheel-well LED light kit.
  • And since Easton is a singer, we also added a compact mixer so he can put on a show anywhere, even when he's on the hunt.
I absolutely love the build that SuperATV did for me. I loved working with them. This machine is incredible!
Catch a Sneak Peek on Destination Polaris! Check Out a Sneak Preview of the Destination Polaris episode featuring SuperATV's custom build for Easton Corbin. https://youtu.be/so6bQomVxPk 2018-07-23 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/honda-pio
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