Farmers are the lifeblood of America. That’s why we’re proud to offer hard-working ranchers and growers the best custom ATV and UTV parts designed specifically to make their jobs in the field just a bit easier.

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Scratch resistant, hard-coated for durability, and crafted to fit the unique contours of your machine, we’ve beefed up our line of Made in the U.S.A. UTV windshields to provide farmers with a clear view of just about any task at hand, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

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Working on the field risks exposure to harsh sun or rain. Our lineup of side by side soft and hard roof tops are designed to repel the harshest weather conditions while you work. With superior fit and finish, every rooftop piece aligns perfectly with your machine’s specific roll cage.

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Lift Kits

To be a true working machine, your UTV must be able to climb the steepest hills and clear massive obstacles, without getting you bogged down. Whether you’re hauling feed around the farm or hopscotching between every divot and mound on the pasture, our lift kits deliver maximum performance with enhanced handling.

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Able to pull over 4,000 lbs., SuperATV heavy-duty winches enable you to recover equipment stuck in the mud or tow heavy loads of feed or hay. Our complete line of side by side winches and winch kits feature durable synthetic rope, water-resistant seals, and a dynamic mechanical braking system for handling whatever sticky situation arises on the farm.

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Snow Plows

When you’ve got a farm to run, a snow-covered road is the last thing that should hold you back. Show the snow who’s boss with our complete PlowPro line of snow plow kits, heavy-duty snow plow mounts, frames, blades and more. Field-tested durable construction, easy installation, and complete adjustability means that your enhanced UTV works harder, so you don’t have to.

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Cab Enclosures

Your workload doesn’t stop because of harsh weather conditions, and neither should you. Whether you need protection from the elements year-round or just for the day, our heavy-duty rain and UV-resistant cab enclosures easily snap into place and uninstall in a breeze. Ergonomically designed with the rider in mind, our UTV cab enclosures make getting in and out of your side by side easy when the cattle needs chasing or the fence lines need maintenance.

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When you’re hauling the feed or clearing a new path to the barn, the exterior appearance of your machine isn’t the only thing that needs protection. Keep the hard-working occupants in your side by side shielded from harmful debris and the outdoor elements with UTV doors from SuperATV. Each of our doors are custom made to fit the unique contours of your machine.

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Dave Griffin Lead Prototype Tech SuperATV

“SuperATV scratch and shatter-resistant windshields keep you and your passenger protected from tree limbs and flying debris while out on the trail. Our ergonomic grip of the windshields makes changing positions a breeze, offering three positions: fully closed, partially open, or fully open for maximum airflow.”