Pioneers built this land by blazing a path through the mud bogs and the muck. Our Honda Pioneer 1000 is no different. Discover new places you couldn't go before by outfitting your rig just like our Pioneer. We built this thing to be at home in the grime and the mud, just like the men and women who built our country. You can be a trailblazer too because our parts are easy to install and ready to ship. So get crackin' and taste some mud that others never will.

When you do mud, you want some serious clearance. There's no better way to get stuck in the mud than to let your belly drag through it. To make this working man's machine into the working man's mud dominator, we needed clearance, clearance, clearance. So first things first: let's lift this beast.

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We had to have some nice polycarbonate on this machine—how else are we supposed to keep all that mud out of our teeth? We grabbed SuperATV's scratch resistant polycarbonate full windshield and tinted roof. We wanted to keep the elements out, and you won't find more elements anywhere else than on a nice trail full of mud.

Our full windshield and tinted roof are perfect for mud because they're scratch resistant, so they won't get scuffed up, and they're polycarbonate, so we couldn't break them if we tried. When you're going big and going hard, you need windshields that are as tough as the rest of your machine.

Get a Glimpse of Our Pioneer in Action!

Get a Glimpse of Our Pioneer in Action!
Take a Look at This Bad Ass Mud Build in Action! 2018-03-09