Happiness is sinking hub deep in the muck and then punching the throttle. This has led us to design and build the industry’s most innovative, durable and ultra-aggressive looking 4x4 UTV mudding parts and accessories.

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Big Lift Kits

Even the best mud tires in the world (which we make) don’t stand a chance against the pull of the mud pit, without enough ground clearance. But with over 5 inches of added height, our big lift kits allow you to ride high, let the mud fly and get the most out of your over-sized UTV mud tires.

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Gear Reduction Kits

Thanks to our precision engineered Gear Driven Performance (GDP) gear reduction kits, mudding enthusiasts everywhere recognize increased horsepower and torque without causing additional stress on their transmission.

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Tough looking and tough enough to protect you when the brush gets thick, our front and rear bumpers are custom-made to fit your UTV or ATV with no drilling or welding required.

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Designed to operate at high articulation angles and made from heavy-duty, high tensile Chromoly steel, our line of axles offset any strain caused by a modified lift and supersized mud tires.

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Mud Tires

With our ATV & UTV mud tires, bring on the soupy, sloppy mud pits or the bogs as thick and slick as peanut butter. Custom made with wide tread blocks, deep self-cleaning lugs and sidewall protection to avoid punctures over sharp rocks, our Assassinator and Terminator ATV and UTV mud tires pull and stop flawlessly through the murkiest mud you can find.

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Replacing your OEM rims is an absolute must when running the ultra-aggressive mudding tires you love. Designed specifically to work with mud tires of varying widths, our selection of UTV and ATV wheels not only ups the intimidation factor, but are also constructed with the most durable materials to withstand whatever abuse is hurled your way.

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Clutch Kits

Tested ride after ride under the most extreme mud conditions, our line of clutch kits are designed by riders for tough mudders like you. Each UTV and ATV clutch kit prevents power loss and reduces belt slippage and clutch heat when running big, bold mud tires through mud as thick as pancake batter.

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The soundtrack to your mudding adventures starts with a SuperATV audio system securely fastened to your side by side. Designed to withstand those hairpin turns, teeth rattling bumps, and even unfavorable weather conditions, our selection of audio speakers and mounts provide full audio range for leading UTV makes and models.

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Hearing from our Expert

Dave Griffin Lead Prototype Tech SuperATV

“SuperATV has the toughest mud wheels around. I once hit a boulder at about 40 miles an hour and almost flipped the RZR, and it didn't even hurt the wheel!”