Muddin' Gear

If you're not coming in dirty, you're not doing your job. We like to get down and dirty just like everyone else, but if you're not prepared you'll end up looking like a chump. Let's be honest, your Mama didn't raise no chump.

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Gotta Have It!

Scientists have found playing in the Mud makes you smarter, but anyone who has had a friend say, "Here, hold my beer," would probably disagree. We're not science experts, but we are pros when it comes to mud. Here are the things you can't play without...

Polaris Fender Flares to keep the debris out

Fender Flares

We love mud, but it isn't too tasty. After eating one too many spoonfuls of mud from the front tires, we decided to solve the problem by designing bigger fender flares that do a better job of deflecting dirt, mud, rocks, sticks, sand, and all the other stuff on the trail that doesn’t agree with you and your passenger’s face. If you’re tired of getting beat up by crap on the trail we’ve got you covered. Keep your rooster tail and lose the bruise with a set of SuperATV fender flares.

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Assassinator Tires are equipped with 3


We don't like to brag, but others have tried to copy our Assassinator and Terminator tires. Don't be fooled. Our experts have perfected these ATV and UTV mud tires to pull and stomp flawlessly through the murkiest mud you can find. Hit the trail or hit the bog. It doesn't matter, they are custom made with wide tread blocks, deep self-cleaning lugs and sidewall protection to avoid punctures. These tires take to mud like a fish takes to water.

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SuperATV offers 3 different Winches to help bail you or your friends out of a mud hole


Whether you're in the mud, working the rocks, or bringing in the big kill, our Black Ops Winches will work for you! Our ropes are light and easy to maneuver when they are slicked and caked with mud. Think steel cable can do what synthetic rope can’t? Think again. You need a winch if you're going to run the mud. Don't put added stress on your machine by pulling your buddies out in reverse, winch them out with Black Ops.

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Get some additional clearance on your machine with a Lift Kit from SuperATV

Lift Kits

If you're muddin' you have to have clearance. Upgrade your machine with a SuperATV 2" or 3" lift kit. It will give you the height you need to keep from getting axle deep when you hit the bogs. You don't have to break the bank to get your UTV jacked. Get some larger tires and wheels and these lifts become an economical way to get some height. SuperATV lifts are carefully machined to maintain proper angles on the quad and are engineered for maximum performance with enhanced handling and stability.

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Everybody Wants It!

Getting stuck is half the fun of muddin'. The other half is making people jealous of all your cool stuff. Are you ready to turn some heads? Good. We know what it takes to get your buddy's attention. Here are the things everybody wants but only you will get...

Gear Driven Performance Portal Gear Lifts by SuperATV


Muddin' isn't just about height. Our GDP Portal Gear Lifts are also about gear reduction. When you're tearing through the mud with big tires are you going to have the power you need? Our 4" Portal Lift provides a 30% gear reduction and our 6" Portal Lift jumps that up to 45%. SuperATV portals will really let you turn that rubber, which will have you laughing at the chumps who are stuck in a rut, while you are safe on the bank.

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A big Lift Kit by SuperATV is a must to clear the mud holes

Big Lift Kits

We've got the lift you need. Most mudders will tell you 2-3" is nice, but bigger is badder. It won't matter what monsters are lurking at the bottom of the bogs because with a SuperATV big lift on your machine you will clear them all. We include everything you need and make it easy to wrench on so you will have more time playing. A lifetime warranty on our included A-Arms makes these lifts a no-brainer.

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Heavy Duty Reverse Chains by SuperATV

Heavy Duty Reverse Chains

Sometimes moving forward means using reverse and running the mud can be a real grinder on the ol' reverse chain. Our GDP heavy duty reverse chain gives you nearly double the strength of the OEM chain because we use better materials and we make sure the fit is just right. That means no rattle, no grind. Each chain and sprocket has just the right combination of materials, treating, and coatings to give you the smoothest and quietest ride on the market.

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Axles by SuperATV


Bigger tires mean a better chance of getting through the slop. Bigger tires also mean more weight to turn. Are your axles ready for the bog? It might be time to get the best axles out there. SuperATV Rhino 2.0 alxes, Rhino, and ADP axles are designed to operate at high articulation angles and made from heavy-duty, high strength materials. Our axles offset any strain caused by a jacked up lift and supersized mud tires.

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Ball Joints by SuperATV

Ball Joints

SuperATV spared no expense while engineering the industry's strongest ball joint. Independent test prove that our unique blend of a 4340 VAR steel stud, hardened to just the right Rockwell, and then zinc plated gives you a more desirable combination than your standard steel material. With a PSI breaking point of nearly double OEM and other aftermarket ball joints, SuperATV's will withstand whatever torture you can throw at it.

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