Polaris Ranger EV CV Joint Replacement - Rhino Brand

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Polaris Ranger EV CV Replacement - Rhino Brand

This is a replacement for the CVs on a Rhino Brand Ranger EV Axles.

Note: Many Axles Part Numbers are Stamped starting with the letters TA while the SuperATV part number may have started with RA.

Axle Stamped : TA-P-RAN400-F-DOJ
Superatv Part Number : RA-P-RAN400-F-DOJ

You can use these part numbers interchangeably, they are the same part. For this list we used the TA beginning as stamped on your axle.

This is a replacement CV complete with CV, grease, boot and clamp.


  • TA-P-RAN400-F-DOJ
  • TA-P-RAN400-R-DOJ


  • Maximized CV for ultimate strength
  • High articulation angles
  • Industry leading 4340 Chromoly for unmatched longevity
  • Precision engineered cage and housing for reduced friction and a smooth range of motion
  • Synthetic grease to keep CVs cool each time you ride