Polaris RZR XP 1000 Highlifter Edition Hand Held ECU Tuner

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Why We Make It
SuperATV has put more power, improved performance, and optimized engine timing in the palm of your hand with our Handheld ECU Tuner. With our Handheld ECU Tuner, you can unleash the full power of your 2017 Polaris RZR High Lifter Edition by flashing a new tune to your ECU, or switching between tunes you own, in about 5 minutes. The touch interface on our tuner is easy enough to use that even your grandma could do it! Just Flash, Gas, and Go!

Excellent Tunes
Get more horsepower from your machine. SuperATV knows horsepower and after hundreds of hours of research and development, we've cracked the code and now offer Rev1 ECU Tuning. What does this mean for you? Faster speeds, optimized/removed torque limitations, and drastically improved throttle responses. Rev1 ECU Tuning allows you to increase horsepower up to 117HP.

SuperATV’s Rev1 ECU Tuning also features one-of-a-kind engine breaking reduction. With our tune installed, engine breaking is virtually eliminated. No more lurching forward every time you let off the gas. This also helps on downhill descents. Now you can have instant throttle response when coasting. The tune keeps your clutch engaged at all times!

Industry Leading R&D
Each ECU is meticulously dialed in to specifically enhance your individual make and model. Rev1 offers 2 stages of ECU Tuning, giving you the desired riding style you want. With no need to run a secondary controller, you get everything you need for an easy install and go.

We want you to buy with confidence. We have our very own chassis dyno at SuperATV that allows us to painstakingly measure the performance gains our tunes achieve. After countless hours of testing on our dyno, our trained team of experts cracked the code and are able to deliver you the ultimate ECU tunes.

All tunes dyno tested on 100% stock machine unless noted. Factory and aftermarket ECUs may behave differently in extreme changes to environment, such as temperature and altitude. For questions, please contact us to speak with a technical expert.


  • Polaris RZR XP 1000 Highlifter Edition : 2015-2017


  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Hold all your tunes in the palm of your hand
  • No need to ship us your ECU!
  • Dyno tested and tuned
  • Increased horsepower to up to 117
  • Increase top speed
  • Virtually eliminates engine breaking
  • Allows instant throttle engagement when coasting downhill
  • Optimized throttle by wire settings to increase throttle response and mid-range power
  • Torque Limiters removed. Optimized
  • Optimized ignition and fuel mapping
  • Rev limiters raised up to 9500 RPM on some stages
  • Applied speed limiters raised
  • Speedometer reading corrected to stock High Lifter Transmission and Tires
  • Seat belt and two foot limits removed.
  • Actual top speed may vary due to tires size, aerodynamic and environmental conditions
Stage 1
  • Get up to 114 HP
  • Virtually eliminates engine breaking
  • Instant throttle engagement while coasting downhill
  • Requies 93 octane
  • Rev limit raised to 9200 RPM (Stock 8800 RPM)
  • Increased top speed in low and high range
  • Unlimited low range!
Stage 2
  • Get up to 117 HP
  • Virtually eliminates engine breaking
  • Instant throttle engagement while coasting downhill
  • 100+ octane fuel only
  • Uses stock exhaust if running no-lead fuel
  • If using leaded fuel, an aftermarket muffler is required
  • Rev limit raised to 9500 RPM (Stock 8800 RPM)
  • All other limiters removed! Including seat belt and left foot braking limiters
  • Increased top speed in low and high range
  • Unlimited low range!
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