Do I A Need Portal Gear Lift? Yes.

If you're not sure if you need portals, we are going to tell you why you do.

  • First, you need ground clearance.
  • Second, they give you the power you need to turn those big tires.
  • Third, the magical science of gear reduction helps us make your machine a killer.

What are you waiting for?

3 Things About Portal Gear Lifts That Prove You Don't Know S**t.

Our GDP Portal Lifts are different. Most people have an opinion about portals. They may even think they know a lot about them, but we don't think you know enough about SuperATV's Portal Gear Lifts. There were a lot of crappy portals on the market. Then we came along and changed the game. Now we are here to tell you why you probably don't know as much as you think.

Portal Gear Lifts by SuperATV

"Portals Are Noisy — Wrong"

SuperATV GDP Portals are made differently. They are quiet because, we don't hob our gears. We precision grind all our gears to fit so snugly that you couldn't fit a fingernail between them. That means less vibration, and friction. Each precision ground gear makes for quieter ride with "no clicking." I'm sure you've heard a rattle trap coming down the trail running knock off Portal Lifts. That is how you know we didn't make them.

Precision-Ground Gears: drive gear, idler gear and driven gear

  • Precision-ground chromium titanium alloy gears for industry best performance
  • Eliminates friction for reduced heat and noise
Portals Won't Slow you Down Portal Gear Lifts by SuperATV

"Portals Can't Run at High Speeds — Also Wrong"

You can go fast with SuperATV Portals. With our GDP Portals you will get the torque you need along with the speed you want. High clearance seems great until you image getting left in the dust by your buddies on the trail like a lumbering bear, but that won't happen. Our portals offer torque producing gear reduction of 30% for the 4" lift and 45% for the 6" lift. Pair this with the right tires, and you will be cruising at factory speed. It is kind of like if a bear and a cheetah had a baby and you get to drive it around.

Less Heat, Less Friction: Faster Speeds

  • Reduced friction build-up allows you to run at higher speeds
  • Increases torque, but keeps your axle angles performance-ready
  • Performs at machine's fullest capacity
Customer Review of Portal Gear Lift Customer Review of Portal Gear Lift= Customer Review of  Portal Gear Lift

"Portals Are Hard to Install — Think Again"

It doesn't matter if this is your first UTV or your tenth. You can lift your ride with GDP Portals. We include all the instructions you need, and we will be there when you call if you have any issues-but you won't. So, get a set of portals, get to work, and then crack open a cold one and admire your work. Make sure to send us a pic of your baby for our bulletin board.

Easy to Install and Easy to Adjust

  • Custom tailor your machine to match your riding needs
  • Camber adjustability on all SuperATV A Arms
  • Each wheel hub includes 4 bolt patterns 4/156, 4/137, 4/115, 4/110
  • Ability to utilize different wheels on the same hub
  • Stainless steel, braided brake lines included in each kit

Don't Believe Us?

Take this Guy's Word for it...

Watch this Video SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axles - Why We Are The Best In The Industry 08:44:00 SuperATV delivers BIG on all new Rhino 2.0 axles. With years of experience, we took the challenge of redesigning the Rhino Axle to meet the needs of you - our customers. From endurance to torsion to fatigue testing and hundreds of samples, ranging from various materials and heat treatment, we're pumped to deliver the best heavy-duty axle on the market. We not only have the testing equipment but have a full team of talented engineers to ensure all critical areas are the correct martials with the correct tolerances and heat treating process. With the testing equipment it has also allowed us to have a benchmark against all other axles in the industry. 2017-02-14