Front view of the 2020 Polaris PRO XP UTV in a grassy field


Start building now! We've been hard at work doing rapid development on products for the RZR PRO XP. Check out the first products hot off the line below.

Half & Full Windshields

Going riding without a windshield is like going to work without your pants on. Keep the bugs out of your teeth and the rain out of your face with SuperATV’s wide array of polycarbonate windshields. We’ve got full, flip, half, vented, and rear windshields that will make the most comfortable cab Polaris has ever made even better.

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Closeup of a Polaris PRO XP UTV with a full windshield installed
Whip Lights
Closeup of a UTV in the dark with blue whip lights

The RZR PRO XP looks awesome in the sunlight and our 5' RGB LED Whip Lights make it look awesome in the dark. With millions of colors, hundreds of flashing patterns and easy controls, you’ll be visible, safe, and look good—all the things your PRO XP is good at during the day.

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Getting good rear view and side view mirrors on your machine means staying aware of what's behind you when you’re pinned to your seat. Plus, the last thing you want to do when you’re flying down the trail in your RZR PRO XP is take your eyes off what’s in front of you. We’ve got side view mirrors, a 17” rear view mirror, and a 3 panel rear view mirror. Each of them gives you a great view of everyone that’s eating your rooster tail.

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Three panel mirror installed on a UTV
Whip Lights
Pair of Mud and All-Terrain Tires

No matter what you do, you’re still running stock if you haven’t upgraded to some serious mud grips or all-terrain tires that rip. We’ve got your PRO XP covered with Warrior tires that love to stick and mud tires like our Intimidators and Assassinators that pull through peanut butter mud like it’s not even there.

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Tell us what you need for your RZR PRO XP. We pride ourselves on listening to you, our customers. Pick the product you want us to develop next from the choices below, and we will get to work.

Lift Kit
Radius Arms
Bed Enclosure


Watch our R&D team get some seat time in the PRO XP!


We stopped by Pastranaland to visit Hubert Rowland and got to take Travis Pastrana’s Polaris RZR Pro XP for a rip. Hear from Tyler what he liked most about the all new Pro XP.T00H03M05S CHECK OUT THE VIDEO 2019-09-27
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