Replacement Rack and Pinion Parts



Rack and Pinion Replacement Parts

Had a little too much fun on your SuperATV Rack and Pinion? We’ve got replacement inner ball and sockets or boots right here and ready to ship so you can keep your downtime to a minimum and never have to spend a day back on stock parts.

So get the best replacement parts from the source, and count on SuperATV’s free, fast shipping to get you back on the trail in no time.


  • Replacement parts for the following SuperATV kits

  • TRRA Kits
  • TRRA-P-RAN-09-0-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RAN900-01-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RAN-MID-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RZR-01-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RZR-1K-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RZR1K15-Z7-10-14
  • TRRA-P-RZR1K-Z7-10-14
  • TRRA-P-RZR90015-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RZR900S15-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RZRS-01-14-ST
  • TRRA-P-RZRS-01-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RZRXP-01-14-ST-001
  • TRRA-P-RZR-Z5-14
  • TRRA-P-RZR-Z6-14
  • TR04-001-0
  • TRRA-K-TRX4-14-ST-001

  • HDRP Kits
  • HDRP-1-1-002
  • HDRP-1-1-5
  • HDRP-1-2-002
  • HDRP-1-4-002
  • HDRP-1-16-002
  • HDRP-1-33-002
  • HDRP-1-34-002
  • HDRP-1-44-002
  • HDRP-1-48-002
  • HDRP-1-57-002


  • M14 size threads on both ends (rack side and tie rod side)
  • measures 5-3/16" from end to end
  • Warranty
    SuperATV offers the premium product on the market and extends the industry's best warranty to go with it. Each replacement part carries a 3-month warranty against manufacturing defects. SuperATV warrants to the original purchaser that each part be free from defects.

    Parts may include but are not limited to: heim joints, tie rod ends, ball joints, seal kits, drive belts, wheel bearings, brake lines, bushings, and brake pads.

    How to make a warranty claim?
    Before sending anything to SuperATV, please click below to fill out the appropriate form:



    Complete the form, ensuring each field is properly filled out. Follow instructions on each page for the warranty or return process.
    Customer is responsible for shipping item back to SuperATV and is responsible for tracking information. Please keep until a SuperATV team member has contacted you.