Designed to Grip... Ready to Rip.

Warrior tires are a new breed of UTV tire. Designed for speed, traction, and domination on any terrain, the Warrior line was designed from the ground up to be the last tire you would ever need. They truly are Warriors, and with them, you can conquer any terrain in the world. So, whether you need AT Warriors — the ultimate DOT approved UTV Tire on the market that can still dominate off-road — or RT Warriors — the best UTV Rock tire available that will destroy any terrain — the Warrior line from SuperATV has got you covered. Our one-of-a-kind tread pattern offers superior all-terrain grip and we’ve built them with soft or sticky rubber compounds, so you can get the grip that best matches your riding style.

R/T Warrior Tires by SuperATV

RT Warrior Tires

SuperATV’s RT Warrior Tires are the last rock crawling tire you will ever need. It features our patent pending lug pattern and every last inch of this tire is designed to grip! The tapered pyramid design turns any terrain into a solid gripping surface, while the siping makes sure that even the surface of the lugs will find something to grab on to.

We’ve tested these tires all over the country and one thing is clear: There are no rocks, boulders, canyons, or mountains too tough for this tire. They cruise through rocky desert terrain like it’s nothing and tear up hillsides as easy as flat ground. Turn up your game, and take the harder trail with a set of RT Warrior tires.

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A/T Warrior Tires by SuperATV

AT Warrior Tires

SuperATV’s AT Warrior Tires bring you the ultimate all-terrain, DOT approved UTV tire without compromise. The AT Warrior was built from the ground up to be the most technologically advanced UTV road tire that will still dominate off the road as well. We’ve gone above and beyond what you would consider possible in a DOT approved UTV tire by creating our one-of-a-kind patent pending lug pattern featuring tapered pyramid grooves, mud destroying ejector ribs, and traction maximizing siping. All this wrapped in a aramid belt package means this tire rips from Moab, Utah to the mountains in Tennessee and on every road in between.

If you want to be street legal and have amazing grip off-road, the AT Warrior is for you. It’s perfect for going from the short course, to the highway, and to the trail all in one ride. Pick up a set of AT Warrior tires and see how they change the way you ride.

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Warrior Tires by SuperATV
Sticky & Standard Compounds

We’ve made both the AT and RT Warriors in sticky and standard rubber compounds. But what does that mean and how do you know which one to get? The rubber compounds effect things like wear and traction. Our “sticky” compound is a bit softer than the “standard” counterpart. But don’t be fooled; “standard” doesn’t mean we just picked a rubber compound that everyone else uses and called it a day. It’s been dialed in to optimize traction and durability—it’s anything but standard.

Our “sticky” tires are softer and have higher grip values. They’re perfect for when you need a little extra oomph out of your tire. If you’re already planning on running low tire pressure for extra grip, the soft compound is perfect for you.

Warrior Tires by SuperATV
Ejector Ribs

We thought of everything on the Warrior line of tires including the space between the lugs. Normally this space is untouched, simply a consequence of the lug pattern. That wasn’t good enough for us, so we filled the space with unique ejector ribs to help keep the tires clean and free of debris.

Warriors naturally clean-out well, but these ejector ribs take clean-out to a whole new level. Dirt, mud, and snow naturally pack between tire lugs and kill your traction. The Warriors’ small ejector ribs vibrate and flex as the tire rolls which dislodges any built-up material from the inside out.

Warrior Tires by SuperATV
One-of-a-kind Lug Pattern

We’ve spent hundreds of hours designing our perfect lug pattern the grips everywhere! Key to this lug pattern is the tapered pyramid design. The tapered pyramid grabs dirt, packs it between the lug, and compresses it as the tire rolls. This packing action creates a hard patch of earth for the tread to grab onto. The AT Warrior has the lugs packed closer together for better road traction while the RT Warrior has them spaced out a little wider so it can grab and pack even more dirt.

Other tires try to accomplish the same traction by making their lugs bigger so that they can dig through the dirt which is much less efficient. Other tires have the same tread depth but don’t feature the tapered design so their traction is severely limited. We didn’t fool around with our tread pattern and neither should you.

Warrior Tires by SuperATV
Siped Lugs

We weren’t kidding when we said every last inch of this tire is designed to grip. That’s why we made sure every single lug on the tire was siped. Siping a lug means to add small slits into it. The main advantage of siping is the increased grip it gives you—it’s almost like having little mini lugs on top of your lugs, so your lugs do twice as much work and give you loads of traction.

Both the RT Warrior and the AT Warrior feature siping on every lug to give you maximum grip no matter what terrain you’re hitting.

Warrior Tires by SuperATV
Aramid Belts

To bring the whole tire together, we wrap in with a aramid belt package. This helps keep Warrior tires rigid so that they will stay on the bead even in intense off camber situations. That’s ideal when you’re rolling over a boulder and all your machine’s weight is on one tire, and your passenger side window is facing the ground.

Aramid also makes the Warriors puncture resistant. We don’t like to go slow when we’re rock riding, and if you’ve walked through our garage before, you’ve seen all the plugs we have to stick in our tires because we beat the heck out of them. With the AT and RT Warrior, that’s no longer an issue. No matter what kind of riding we do, or what kind of terrain we tackle our Warriors remain puncture free, and let us keep riding for miles without making a pit stop.