Goose Bellows Rides Hard on his 6" Portals-Here's his Take on Them

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Our buddy, Goose Bellows, has been riding on portals for a while now, and he rides hard. If anybody's going to put SuperATV's GDP Portal Gear lifts through the ringer, it's him. Here's what Goose has to say about them:

Goose Bellows

I purchased SuperATV’s Gear Driven Performance 6” Portals for my 2014 Can-Am Maverick XRS about a year ago now and the ride quality, mud holes I can conquer, and trail riding is unmatched.

I have owned my Maverick a little over two years now, and the first year of owning it I was running 34” Terminators, 34” Outback Max, and 35” Superior Traction with just a bracket lift and it did pretty well. I noticed one of the issues was once I started going to the bigger tires, even with aftermarket clutches I felt I needed a lower gear to properly turn the tires. At the time, the only way to get a gear reduction was to install a Can-Am Six By Six transmission in the Maverick. I did not like that option because my transmission was doing just fine.

I had first seen the SuperATV Gear Driven Performance 4” Portals while I was deployed in the Middle East, Active Duty USAF, and they were an interesting concept to me. Prior to owning a SxS, I have always done big mud trucks and had to run big drop transfer cases. The portals are essentially a mini transfer case at the wheels. At first I was skeptical of them just because the leverage of everything being extended out and downward. It does put a lot of pressure on the ball joints, steering, pretty much everything except for the axles but you can’t beat having axles staying at a stock angles.

Goose bellows GDP Portal gear lift review

Well by the time it was time for me to return home from my deployment Gear Driven Performance had come out with their 6” Portals and I had to have them. I have always wanted to be one of the biggest and baddest rides out there in the mud truck world and I wasn’t going to stop there. Once I purchased my 6” portals, I bought 9.5r22s BKT 171s. That is a 40” tractor tire on a Maverick. The best part was I was only running 3” bracket lift and the 6” Portals.

The Portal install on my Maverick was pretty easy. I would have to say the most difficult part is removing and installing the longer brake lines.

The first ride with the portals was actually the filming of a local country rap singer’s music video. The song and video was not the greatest but it was a pretty fun day. The biggest mud hole at the venue was a cake walk. Other SxS’s on 34s and 35s were having to give it all it had to get through the hole to where I barely had to try because of the 45% gear reduction and 40” tires.

Most people know I ride very hard and I expect my equipment to perform at all times. One of the things I like doing is jumping or riding out wheelies over hill crests. At the end of the filming I gave it a shot on a small hill side and I was amazed at how I was able to pull the front tires up so easily and that nothing broke, cracked, or bent when I came back down on all 4 wheels.

From that point on I knew the Portals could handle most of what I was going to ask of them. The next ride I went to was a learning experience. For some reason I was breaking the cotter pins on the output shaft wheel nut and I broke both front brake caliper brackets. Even with those small hiccups, they performed awesome. I contacted SuperATV with the issue and they sent me replacement brackets no questions asked.

Goose bellows GDP Portal gear lift review hill

The next couple of rides they continued to impress me, every once in a while I'd find a broken cotter pin or cracked brake brackets but I ride very hard and if that is all I’m breaking then I am fine with it.

Anyways, back to my Maverick and Portals. Since receiving the new portals, I have had no issues with the portals. My Maverick has been through hell. Anywhere from being jumped, rolled, driven through lakes/rivers, giant mud holes over the doors, and even been so stuck that it took 3 winches all snatched blocked to pull me out. The strength and durability of these Portals are astonishing. From what I have heard SuperATV is making some changes to their next version of portals to build them even stronger.

I have heard stories from other people saying they hate the portals and even SuperATV as a company. Me on the other hand, their products and customer service are top-notch. Everything has a breaking point, we all know this, but with how hard I ride, the portals and quite honestly all of SuperATV’s products are great quality and they stand behind them 110%.

If you would like to see pictures and videos of just how hard I ride with my 6” Portals, feel free to take a look at my Instagram @Buckin_Crazy or hashtag #lilBuckinCrazy


Thanks for the review Goose!

What' s that about a new version of better, stronger portals? Well, we've got them! All GDP Portals at are now Gen 2 Portals, and they're bigger, stronger, and better in every way.