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How Much Lift Do You Need?

SuperATV lift kits give you clearance for larger tires and let you clear obstacles on the trail. Rocks, mud, branches, and logs can all get in your way. The extra ground clearance provided by a lift, will help your UTV roll down harder trails and clear all that debris in your way without getting hung up.

Group of 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch GDP Portal Gear Lift Kits from SuperATV

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Small Lift Kits

A Small Lift Kit is a great choice if you just need a little more clearance and slightly larger tires but aren't looking for a major modification. Most people who get a small lift kit want a little more clearance to keep them from bottoming out or want slightly larger tires without unwanted rubbing, but they don't want to drastically change the way their UTV or ATV rides. Small lift kits are the perfect solution. Just adding a few inches of clearance can unlock huge potential in your UTV, but best of all they are very affordable.

SuperATV lift kits are always true to their name, so if we say it is a 3 inch lift kit you can have confidence that is what you will get. There are two basic types of small lift kits, which usually add about 2-3 inches in overall height to the vehicle depending on the style and lift kit rating.

  • Shock Spacer Lift Kits are the smallest and least expensive option available. These kits usually provide 1-2 inches of lift and are easy to install. They are a great option when looking for body clearance to help prevent tire rubbing or a move up in tire size.

  • Bracket Lift Kits give you a bit more lift than a Shock Spacer kit, usually in the range of 2-3 inches. When paired with slightly bigger tires, these kits can make a huge difference in the obstacles that your UTV can clear. They are also easy to install and are still very reasonably priced.

Which Small Lift Kit is Right for You?

Shock Spacer Lift Kits

These kits include 4 aluminum spacers that fit on top of your shock spring. Once they are installed, the extra compression expands your shock to push your suspension down and give you lift. Installing a spring spacer lift requires removing your shocks and removing the springs. This can be tricky, but it is something that an average handy man can do.

With a small lift like this, you get extra clearance without getting so tall that you start to feel tippy. You can still corner quickly and handle off-camber situations without rolling over. The downside is that they can make your suspension feel a little firmer because your shocks are constantly in a state of slight compression.

They're low cost, easy to install, and cause almost no extra wear to your suspension because all of the steering and suspension geometry remains correct.

  • Quick, do-it-yourself install

  • Low cost

  • Low wear/No wear on suspension & steering

  • Can make suspension feel stiffer

  • Allows only minor tire size upgrades

Parts included in a SuperATV Shock Lift Kit

Bracket Lift Kits

These kits utilize metal brackets that bolt off the existing shock mounts of your UTV so that your shocks can push the suspension down further. Your shocks are not compressed like in a spacer lift, but they are relocated to a lower position. Because the lift is still moderate, most of these kits don't require you to replace any actual suspension parts, and many will work with stock axles.

With 3 inches of lift, you'll be able to go up in tire size and you'll have enough clearance to roll over bigger obstacles. Because the amount of lift is still not huge, your center of gravity is low enough to keep you in control. Bracket lifts provide a modest amount of lift and require little maintenance. SuperATV's lift brackets come with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Easy install

  • Low cost

  • Allows for more tire clearance

  • Little maintenance

  • Only a moderate amount of lift

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Parts included in a SuperATV Bracket Lift Kit

Big Lift Kits

Big lift kits give you a lot of clearance for larger tires. The biggest lifts make room for up to 40” tires on certain machines. You can find big lifts that range from 5 inches all the way up to 10 inches. That amount of clearance makes it easier to get through mud holes and over logs or rocks. These kits are geared for a more serious rider, but with a little education they can be installed by anyone. When upgrading to a big lift, you will usually have to replace other suspension parts such as A-arms and tie rods to make sure your UTV maintains its steering geometry and control. Usually it is necessary to add extended length axles too since the wheel hubs are further away from the differential and the axle angle increases. This definitely is an added expense, but it pays off in ground clearance and bad ass looks.

SuperATV big lift kits come with everything you need. You don't need to buy anything extra to get it installed and working. Installation can be more difficult and time consuming—you will need to run and bleed new brake lines and completely disassemble and reassemble your suspension. These big lifts completely change the way your UTV looks and rides, and it gives your machine capabilities that it has never had before.

  • Kits come complete with everything you need: suspension, axles, tie rods, etc.

  • Up to 10” of lift for monster tires

  • Makes your machine wider which adds stability

  • 3 to 8-hour installation on average

  • Bigger investment

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Bigger Tires?

If you're going for a big lift you're probably going to get larger tires too. Bigger tires give you even more clearance, more leverage to clear logs and rocks, and they look great. But did you know that larger tires also add a lot of weight and effectively lower your UTV's torque? If you don't make sure to cover all your bases, you could be adding unneeded stress to your drivetrain. You can help reduce wear and damage by choosing to install stronger axles or a gear reduction kit in order to handle the extra weight and make up for the lost torque.

Rhino 2.0 Axles

Rhino 2.0 axles are a great bang for your buck and provide a lot of strength. They handle heat better and are engineered with greater flexibility making them ideal for big lifts and big tires that can push your suspension to its limit. They are also stronger than stock, have high CV articulation angles−40°+, and have low heat build-up.

Gear Reduction Kit

A transmission gear reduction gives you back the torque that you can lose to bigger tires. With a gear reduction kit, your machine will feel responsive and powerful like it did before you added larger tires. Kits are installed in the transmission and boost your torque. They're also great for big tires on big lift kits.

Portal Gear Lifts

Portal Gear Lifts have a gear reduction built right into the lift itself. That means you don't need to buy a separate gear reduction when you add larger tires. Portals don't put much extra stress on your axles because the gear reduction is located in the hub and not the transmission, and they maintain stock axle angles. You can find out more about SuperATV's GDP Portal Gear Lifts and how they work in our how-to article, Gear Reduction - A Quick Guide - How Portals Work.

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