Madison, Indiana - Home of SuperATV

The unassuming small town of Madison, Indiana has been the home of SuperATV since its inception in 2003. It's a humble home for SuperATV, but it's not quite like any other small town around. The 208-year-old city is located right on the banks of the Ohio River. The downtown is literally down in the Ohio River Valley 400 feet below the rest of the town that was built on the 'Hilltop'. Madison's mayor, Damon Welch calls it "a tale of two cities. Our historic downtown is recognized as the largest contiguous National Historic Landmark district in the Country. The architecture is well preserved! Whereas the hilltop is home to world-class manufacturing, large and small businesses, and most of our residents."


Downtown Madison is filled to the brim with historically significant buildings overflowing with over two centuries of stories of the families and businesses that have lived there.  But it has more than just old buildings. "We have a beautifully developed and active riverfront, mom and pop businesses, and quaint coffee shops and restaurants," says the Mayor Welch. Downtown Madison's uniqueness has led to it hosting two major motion pictures. The first was "Some Came Running" starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Shirley MacLaine. The second was "Madison" which stars Jim Caviezel and focuses on the 1971 hydroplane regatta. Oh yeah, did I mention that we have annual hydroplane races on the Ohio River over the fourth of July weekend? We do! Madison is also home to Clifty Falls State Park which spans from downtown to the Hilltop and is one of the very best parks around complete with magnificent views and harrowing cliffs.


The Hilltop is home to Madison's industry and most of Madison's residents. We have companies like Rotary Lift (where Harold Hunt worked as vice president before starting SuperATV), Grote Industries, Arvin Sango, and of course, SuperATV. There's a taste of history on the Hilltop as well though. Just north of town, you'll find the Jefferson Proving Grounds where the US Army housed and tested munitions during World War 2. Some Madisonians still remember their windows being shattered by explosions from the Proving Grounds. We've been up here on the hilltop since we were founded 14 years ago, but we've only been dropping figurative bombs in the last decade and a half. SuperATV grew up here in Madison—from small beginnings to our current 232,000 square foot facility. We've become a big part of Madison's diverse identity. And our mayor tends to agree: "SuperATV is a textbook story and a perfect example of a private/public partnership. Homegrown, huge growth, and huge expansion—investing in new equipment and rehabbing an abandoned Factory. It has led to many good jobs for our community!" The quality of life here is unmatched for a town of this size. With options for employment, entertainment, eating, and recreation, it's really hard to beat. Plus, if there's something you want that you can't get here, you're less than 2 hours from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville. Odds are you can find something that suits your fancy in one of those cities. But there's no reason to leave town! We have 9 major festivals annually that are sure to scratch whatever itch you have. If you're looking for a good weekend to swing by SuperATV, I'd recommend coming during Soup, Stew, Chili, and Brew! "What more can I say! We are proud to have SuperATV in our community!" (Madison images by Wonderland Studios)