UHMW Bushings: the Ultimate Material for Better Bushings

It's amazing how important every little piece of your machine is. Think about every wire, hose, valve, fuse, and bolt that have to be doing their jobs perfectly for you to have a good time on your ride. From bumper to bumper, every bit of that machine has a crucial role to play.

So when it comes to upgrading your machine, you have to think carefully about what, where, and how you upgrade. Here at SuperATV, we love taking OEM parts and making them better, and that's exactly what we've done with our A arm bushings.

A arm bushings are one of those little things that make a big difference if they're not up to snuff. If your bushings are going bad, or were never good, you'll end up wearing out wheel bearings and tie-rod ends, and if you really beat on it, you could even damage your A arms.

Don't skimp on A arm bushings!

We've got top of the line materials in our A arm bushings. We make them out of Delrin, HDPE, or UHMW which are all different kinds of complex plastic. They each come with their own pros and cons but generally speaking HDPE is better than Delrin and UHMW is better than HDPE. Actually I can't think of any cons for UHMW. It's pretty impressive stuff. But more on that later.

SuperATV UHMW Bushings
Good bushings lower wear across your entire suspension setup.


Delrin is the more well known name for polyoxymethylene and it's our budget bushing. That's not to say they're low quality, we just know some of you like to spend the least amount of money as possible on wear items. Delrin is a hard, stiff, smooth plastic, which is all stuff you want out of a bushing. You should expect our Delrin bushings to last about as long as your stock bushings.


Our High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)  bushings are a definite upgrade over Delrin and stock bushings. It can handle a wider range of conditions than Delrin and will wear better. It's still cheaper than replacing stock but you should expect better performance out of it.


The real overachievers are our Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene  (UHMW) bushings. That's because UHMW is a very special material that has some interesting characteristics.

First of all, it is super stinking tough. In fact it's pretty much indestructible. It's the same material we use on our skid plates and it's used in some bulletproof vests. It will outlast your stock bushings by a long shot. We've been working with UHMW for many applications for a long time now and I've never seen it break or even bend. I've also never heard of anyone breaking or bending UHMW without a brake press, but even our brake presses have a tough time with it.

SuperATV UHMW Sheets
Glorious UHMW awaiting transformation!

UHMW is also self lubricating. That means that there's less friction between the bushing and the pivot joint. Even if it wasn't one of the most resilient materials on Earth, it would take a lot longer for it to wear down due to its perfectly smooth and lubricated interface with the pivot joint.

When you combine those 2 aspects of UHMW you're left with a material that's perfectly suited for use as an A arm bushing. So that's what we make our bushings out of. They'll last a very, very long time and are the perfect choice to replace your stock bushings with. And you don't want to wait until your stock bushings start going bad; by then you've already started to wear out your other components.

So head on over to SuperATV.com. We've got a plethora of Delrin, HDPE, and UHMW bushings available for all sorts of vehicles.