How To Install A Polaris Ranger Winch?

To install a winch on a Polaris Ranger, make sure you have a winch ready bumper or winch mounting plate that will properly fit your Ranger model. All SuperATV Black Ops Winches come with a color-coded solenoid, 2 sets of black and red wires, a splitter, a rocker switch, a wireless control box, and a wireless remote. This installation process is pretty simple. All you will need to do is connect your winch to the solenoid, each control mechanism to your solenoid, and the solenoid to the UTV battery. If everything’s wired correctly your winch will spool in and out as expected. There will be more on that in the last section, so for now, let's make sure you have everything you need to get started.

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Winch Wiring Diagram | SuperATV

How to choose the right UTV winch

The first step is always to pick the appropriate winch for the job. A 3500 lb winch is great for many applications, and perfect for every just about every ATV made. This size will get the job done in most situations when installed on most UTVs as well. You can operate snow plows, go trail riding, or hill climbing and get yourself out of a lot of sticky situations with a 3500 lb. model. However, it might start to bog down if you’re burying your vehicle in deep mud or climbing over rocks.

If you like to go a little bigger with a larger machine that is sporting a lot of extra accessories or conquering more extreme obstacles, you’ll probably be better served by a 4500 lb or 5000 lb winch. The added weight of bigger tires, portal gear lifts, any even riders can make a big difference in the size winch you need. These larger winches will get you through any obstacle. If you’re machine is getting to the extreme end of customization you’ll want the extra oomph a 5000 lb will get you.

Choosing the right winch mount

Once you have your winch picked out, you need to find the bolt pattern you need for your UTVs make and model. You can find details for fitment on our website. It is also time to decide whether you want a winch mounting plate or a winch-ready bumper. SuperATV has both front and rear winch-ready bumpers that allow you to attach your winch easily, and it lets you display your new toy. There’s no reason not to get the bumper if you can choose between the two. Mounting a winch to it is a breeze and it makes it more accessible than mounting a winch inside your chassis with a winch mounting plate. If you decide to go with a winch mounting plate for the Polaris Ranger 900. Just make sure it matches your winches bolt pattern! SuperATV’s 3500 lb winch has a 3.0” x 4.87” bolt pattern (76 x 124mm.) While SuperATV’s 4500 lb and 5000 lb winches both have a 3.0” x 6.6” bolt pattern (76 x 168mm.)

Labeld Solenoid Diagram for SuperATV Black Ops Winch

Let's Get Started

Bolting your winch to the bumper or mounting plate and getting your rope assembled through the fairlead with a clevis hook and baffle ring is easy, but wiring your winch can get a little tricky. ALWAYS refer to the instructions included with your winch model and mounting plate. Depending on the model of your Ranger, the instructions below could vary. Feel free to give us a call or check out the downloadable insturctions available on the winch and winch mounting plate product pages. Make sure to kee these things in mind as you work.

Winch operation centers around the solenoid, and SuperATV’s solenoid is color-coded to make it easy. SuperATV’s solenoid is waterproof but you’ll want to make sure you mount it in a safe place where it won’t get hit by debris, get too hot, and is safe from moving parts. All the wires have to be able to reach it too, but you could’ve guessed that. Mounting under the hood near the dash is a good bet. Some people choose to wire their solenoid before they mount it and others after. It’s up to your personal preference, but you probably should at least make sure your wires reach before you bolt it down, and refer to the diagram to the right for more details during the install.

Install the Winch Mounting Plate

First, you will install the winch mounting plate. If this seems like a hassle, SuperATV sells some great winch-ready bumpers that will make your winch install a snap. If you are ready to roll and have selected the right winch plate for your Ranger (see above) you can get started.

  1. First, remove the four bolts that hold on the Ranger bumper assembly.
  2. Next, Remove the bumper off the machine so that you can have better access to put your winch mount on the machine.
  3. Mount the SuperATV Winch to the winch mounting plate and install the four 10-millimeter bolts. Finger tighten them first to make sure of orientation and fit. If it looks okay, then tighten them with a wrench.
  4. Take the winch assembly and bracket and mount it on the Ranger using the four 10-millimeter bolts provided. Loosely tighten at first so that you can make sure everything is aligned. As you can see the top bolt has a threaded nut on the outside and the bottom has a castle nut with a nut on the backside. Tighten all four bolts to snug.

Wiring Your Ranger Winch

Now that you have winch plate mounted and tightened up it is time to wire the winch. Follow the diagram below to make sure you’ve got it right. If you swap the positive and negative wires, the winch will spool out when you press “in” and spool in when you press “out.” Not the end of the world, but make sure you get it right the first time.

Black Ops Winch Red Key Wire Diagram
Make sure to connect the winches 12V key switched wire to the Ranger's Ingnition Keyed wire NOT directly to the battery source.

  1. mount the solenoid and the control box in an easy to access location. We recommend somewhere under the Ranger’s hood. Make sure to mount them in a way that will allow for them to be connected to the control wires provided.
  2. Using the provided black and red wires connect them to the positive and negative terminals on the winch. The red wire will be connected to the positive terminal and the black wire will be connected to the negative terminal.
  3. Now connect the red wire from the winch to the blue post on the solenoid. The black wire will be connected to the yellow post. Make sure to tighten all of the connections, but do not over tighten.
  4. Now connect the male end of the splitter to the female plug coming from the solenoid. Connect one end of the splitter to the Control Box and one end to the Rocker Switch. Make sure to tighten the connectors by using the cap screw on the metal ends.
    Tip: Once these have been connected zip tie the wires together and secure them out of the way.
  5. Locate your Ranger’s 12V key on power source. Using the provided connectors and wire, splice the red 12V switch wire to the UTV’s keyed power source. That means any wire that only gets power when you turn the key. If you connect this directly to a hot wire going to your battery, the winch will drain your battery even when the machine is off. On a Polaris Ranger, this could be either the 12V auxiliary plug or the ignition itself. Do not connect the red wire directly to the UTV battery!
  6. Grab the other set of red and black wires and connect the black wire along with the black wire coming from the bottom of the solenoid to the black post on the top of the solenoid. Post ends should fit easily on the post. Tighten down the nut.
  7. Next, repeat the process with the red wire by attaching the red end and the red wire coming from the bottom of the solenoid to the red post on top of the solenoid. Tighten down the nut.
  8. Now connect the other end of the red and black wires to the Ranger’s battery.

The last step is to install the fairlead. This will allow your synthetic rope to spool in and out easily, help clean of excess debris, and save your rope from wear. Models like the Ranger XP 900 will have included fairleads included that require you to change out parts of your grill. Others, like the Ranger Midsize models, have the grill modification built into the mounting bracket. Make any necessary install of the fairlead plate. After you have secured all the wiring and mounts. You can reattach any trim and or bumper parts.

Your winch is installed and you’re ready to get dirty!

Need More Winch Wiring Help? Watch Our Black Ops Winch Install Video Below

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