How To Install A Polaris Ranger Winch?

To install a winch on a Polaris Ranger, you first need a winch ready bumper or winch mounting plate on your Ranger. Your SuperATV Black Ops Winch comes with a color-coded solenoid, 2 sets of black and red wires, a splitter, a rocker switch, a wireless control box, and a wireless remote. You need to connect your winch to power and each control mechanism through your solenoid. If everything’s wired correctly your winch will spool in and out as expected.

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Winch Wiring Diagram | SuperATV

How to choose the right winch

The first step is always to pick the appropriate winch for the job. A 3500 lb winch is great for a lot of applications, and perfect for every ATV out there. It will get everything done that you want to on most UTV’s as well. You can operate snow plows and get yourself out of a lot of sticky situations. It might start to bog down if you’re burying your vehicle in deep mud or climbing over rocks. SuperATV’s 3500 lb winch has a 3.0” x 4.87” bolt pattern (76 x 124mm.)

If you like to go a little bigger with a larger machine, extra accessories, or more extreme obstacles, you’ll be better served by a 4500 lb or 5000 lb winch. These winches will get you through any obstacle. If you’re machine is getting to the extreme end of customization the you’ll want the extra oomph a 5000 lb will get you. SuperATV’s 4500 lb and 5000 lb winches both have a 3.0” x 6.6” bolt pattern (76 x 168mm.)

How to choose the right winch mount

Once you have your winch picked out and know what bolt pattern you want, it’s time to decide whether you want a winch mounting plate or a winch-ready bumper. SuperATV has both front and rear winch-ready bumpers and winch mounting plates for the Polaris Ranger 900. There’s no reason not to get the bumper if you can choose between the two. Mounting a winch to it is a breeze and it’s makes it more accessible than mounting a winch inside your chassis with a winch mounting plate. Just make sure it matches your winches bolt pattern!

Solenoid Diagram | SuperATV

How to wire your winch

Bolting your winch to the bumper or mounting plate and getting your rope assembled through the fairlead with a clevis hook and baffle ring is easy, but wiring your winch can get a little tricky. Everything centers around the solenoid, and SuperATV’s solenoid is color coded to make it easy. SuperATV’s solenoid is waterproof but you’ll want to make sure you mount it in a safe place where it won’t get hit by debris, get too hot, and is safe from moving parts. All the wires have to be able to reach it too, but you could’ve guessed that. Mounting under the hood near the dash is a good bet. Some people choose to wire their solenoid before they mount it and others after. It’s up to your personal preference, but you probably should at least make sure your wires reach before you bolt it down.

Next, you’ll want to connect the winch to the solenoid using the red and black wires. Use the second set of red and black wires to connect the solenoid to the battery. Follow the diagram below to make sure you’ve got it right. If you swap the positive and negative wires, the winch will spool out when you press “in” and spool in when you press “out.” Not the end of the world, but make sure you get it right the first time.

After that you need to splice the 12V Switch wire into a keyed on wire. That means any wire that only gets power when you turn the key. If you connect this directly to a hot wire going to your battery, the winch will drain your battery even when the machine is off. On a Polaris Ranger, this could be either the 12V auxiliary plug or the ignition itself.

The remainder is straightforward. Plug the splitter into the solenoid, then plug the rocker switch and wireless remote-control box into the splitter. Mount your rocker switch in an empty accessory slot on your Ranger. See the full wiring diagram at the top of this page.

Make sure it spools in and out as expected and you’re good to go! Your winch is installed and you’re ready to get dirty!