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Gen 3 GDP Portal Gear Lifts give you more gear reduction options than ever. Know which gear reduction you need? Then what are you waiting for? Start shopping now.

2 four inch GDP Portal Gear Lifts

Why Do You Need a Gear Reduction?

You need a gear reduction because you either want more torque. Either to turn bigger tires or to get more power out of smaller tires. Either way, more torque means better performance, and better performance means better rides.

  • More torque
    Boosting your torque means you accelerate quicker and your tires can roll over tough terrain without your engine revving up so much. You can take your machine though deep mud and over crazy boulders without your tires getting stuck. Torque makes them turn no matter what.

  • Bigger tires
    Running bigger tires robs your torque. They make your machine feel sluggish and crawling over obstacles can tax many UTV engines beyond their capabilities or destroy your drivetrain. With a gear reduction, you get your torque back. It makes turning big tires easy and when the gear reduction is on your hub, your drivetrain is less stressed than stock.

Gen 3 is Geared for All

Just about any kind of rider can benefit from a gear reduction. Our Gen 3 GDP Portal Gear Lifts are available with different gear reductions because getting the right torque isn’t a one-size fits all solution. Which one you need depends on how you use your UTV, but don’t worry, we make choosing the right gear reduction and lift easy.  

45% Gear Reduction

For Monster Tires, Deep Mud, and Big Rocks
There’s a good reason the biggest reduction comes on the biggest lifts — if you’re going for a reduction this big, you want the biggest tires you can fit on your machine. You’re aiming to tackle the most insane terrain you can find.  

That means rolling right over monster rock gardens and plowing through Olympic sized mud holes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to tire size. This setup is ultra-focused on being the best at big rocks and deep mud. And it looks awesome. If you want to win the bounty hole, you need a 45% gear reduction.

  • Go big or go home!
  • Available with 6” and 8” portals
  • Ideal for whatever tire size you can fit up to 40”+
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Rex Custom Build with 6 inch portals

30% Gear Reduction

For the Rider Who Wants to do Everything
Big tires and a 30% gear reduction let the average rider get wild. You’ll be able to enjoy crazy rock gardens, mud holes, and hills. With this setup, you will still be able to ride it through other types of terrain and hit high speeds. It’s great for just about everything.

They also let you run larger tires easily. A 30% gear reduction is perfect for 32” to 40” machines depending on what machine you have. With bigger tires, you can go deeper and crawl harder. Your extra clearance means you’ll keep your machine from getting stuck in the rocks and keep your head above the mud.

  • Great for riders who ride through varied terrain
  • Available with 4” and 6“ portals
  • Ideal for tire sizes up to 38” or more
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Polaris RZR XP Turbo with 6 inch portal gear lifts installed

15% Gear Reduction

For Trails, Dunes, Desert, and Farmers
It’s perfect for riders out west who love to ride wide-open in the desert or dunes, but can use the extra torque to get over hills and rocks. The difference in top speed is almost imperceptible, but the extra oomph you get is anything but. Hitting the gas from a dead stop will feel better, and your machine will be more capable over every bump, rock, and hill.   It’s also a great choice for farmers. A small lift and a small gear reduction make driving over ditches and debris easy. Hauling a trailer will be easier with more torque, and the smaller 4” lift gives you ground clearance without making it difficult to load the dump bed. Not to mention, your UTV can still hit those high speeds you need to when you’re riding on the roads between fields. It just lets your machine do more.

  • Great for rough trail riders, desert riders, and farmers
  • Available with 4” portals
  • Ideal for tire sizes up to 32” or more
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Black Polaris Ranger XP UTV with 4 inch portal gear lifts installed
Group of Accessories for 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch GDP Portal Gear Lift Kits from SuperATV

Portal Gear Lift Parts and Accessories

We have everything you need to service your portal gear lift. Check out our selection of recessed nut kits, brake rotor kits, conversion kits, and seal and bearing rebuild kits.

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