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Our Rhino Driveline Prop Shafts are designed for riders, by riders. We bring you superior prop shafts built for high performance, durability, and extreme terrain applications.
Bounty Series Prop Shafts

SuperATV Billet Carrier Bearing

Need a Carrier Bearing?

Our self-aligning bearings and two-piece design blow factory carriers out of the water. Available in cast or billet aluminum.

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The Difference is in the Design

Our Rhino Driveline Heavy-Duty and Bounty Series Prop Shafts come paired with C-Series or U-Series joints that wear less and run smooth.

C-Series Heavy-Duty Prop Shafts

Built for Superior Strength and Durability

Our new C-Series Prop Shafts use a CV joint with a chromoly cage, spider, and cup. They come pre-greased and the high-quality boot keeps mud, water, and dirt out. The constant velocity of the CV means there is less rattle, wobble, or balance issues.

  • Made of 4340 chromoly steel
  • Less vibrations and wobble
  • Maintenance free
  • High-quality boot sealed to keep out mud, sand, water, and dirt
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SuperATV C Joint for Rhino Driveline C Series Prop Shaft
SuperATV U Joint for Rhino Driveline U Series Prop Shaft

U-Series Heavy-Duty Prop Shafts

Stronger than Stock

U-Series joints are similar to stock U-joints but are stronger. They have traditional needle bearings but are made with a superior 4340 chromoly steel body.

  • Made of 4340 chromoly steel
  • Phased and balanced (less rattle or shimmy)
  • High strength replacement for OEM
  • Needle bearings for optimal stress distribution
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We've Got Superior Shafts

All of our Rhino Driveline Prop Shafts are built for the way you ride. They have .120” tube walls and a 1.75” diameter tube. That makes our shafts thicker and stronger than OEM prop shafts.

Rhino Driveline can take on creeks, rocks, mud, and hills without breaking a sweat. Upgrade your machine with our prop shafts today and get ready to ride like you never could before.

  • 1/2" larger diameter shaft than stock shafts
  • Shaft wall is .120” vs stock’s .088”
  • Made of 4130 chromoly tubing (stock is plain carbon steel)
Silhouette of Polaris RZR with Driveline Prop Shafts Highlighted

Prop Shafts for the Serious Rider

Bounty Series Prop Shafts

Built to Get Dirty!

Our Bounty Series Prop Shafts are perfect for riders who are serious about winning bounty holes and hills. They have a needleless bearing U-joint that is twice as strong as stock.

Grease them after every ride and you won’t have to worry about them rusting or failing even if you bury them in mud and sand every weekend.

  • Made of 4340 chromoly steel
  • Needleless bearing U-joint - no rust or binding
  • Posts 30% larger than stock
  • 630 bronze caps for strength and endurance
  • Greasable zerks for easy maintenance
  • Phased and balanced - less vibration
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SuperATV Bounty Series Prop Shafts Have a 2 Year Warranty


Take a look at what it take to install one of SuperATV Heavy Duty Rhino Driveline prop shaft into a Polaris RZR. Our shaft utilizes at 4340 u-joint, shaft made of 4340 steel, phased and balanced offering zero vibration. If you want to install a strong prop shaft this is the prop shaft you want.T00H12M27S SEE HOW TO INSTALL A RHINO DRIVELINE PROP SHAFT 2019-04-01 /cms_propshafts/videoStill.png/cms_propshafts/VideoStill.png
Installing a Rhino Driveline Prop Shaft on a UTV