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Whether you're hauling a heavy load on the farm or pulling up to the starting line, you need to be able to steer with ease. The last thing you need is sloppy steering or a weak and/or loose tie rod ends. SuperATV’s EZ-STEER Power Steering, Rack and Pinion, and Tie Rod Kits are designed to improve your steering no matter where you’re riding.

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Rear Steering Kit

Get ready to take control on the trail. SuperATV’s new RIDE System Rear Steering Kit gives you a tighter turning radius for better maneuverability and control over your rear-end positioning, so you can get around obstacles without backing up.

With independent front and rear steering control, you get a driving experience that’s like nothing you’ve ever done before. Add a set of 8” GDP Portals and a big lift kit, or just offset A-arms—our RIDE System will keep you in control.


Maneuverability Like You’ve Never Seen

With up to a 45% tighter turning radius, you’ll be driving circles around your friends. It uses a hydraulic steering cylinder, redesigned rear suspension, and a patent pending design to make your rear wheels turn.

  • Fully waterproof wired remote and ECU
  • Hydraulic steering cylinder—more durable than a rack and pinion
  • Magnetic remote attaches to cage or included dash mount
  • Turn rear wheels up to 12°
  • Patent pending design

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Image showing the parts of a SuperATV Rack and Pinion kit

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Power Steering

Designed to make your ride better, SuperATV’s EZ-STEER Power Steering Kit drastically reduces steering effort allowing for longer, more enjoyable rides. Along with enhanced steering, this kit virtually eliminates bump steer and provides a smooth and consistent ride.

Unlike other kits, EZ-STEER has sealed input and output shafts as well as a unique injection molded control box seal, guaranteeing a 100% watertight kit. What does this mean for you? Submerge, pressure wash, or hose — our sealed circuit board is guaranteed to keep you going.


The Most Advanced Power Steering Kit on the Market

Our innovative EZ-STEER Power Steering Kits are designed to significantly reduce your steering effort and eliminate steering fatigue so you can tough out those rugged roads and take the long way home. Maneuver through the rocks and rough terrain with more control. Speed through uneven terrain without wheel jerk. Dominate the mud holes like a pro.

  • Reduces steering effort
  • Eliminates bump steer
  • Comes with compact control box for easier mounting and installation
  • NO soldering required for EZ-STEER wiring
  • Sealed input and output shafts
  • Watertight control box and connectors

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Image showing the parts of a SuperATV Rack and Pinion kit

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Rack and Pinions

Rough riding can wreak havoc on your steering system. SuperATV’s Rack and Pinions are designed to withstand extreme abuse from running massive tires, hitting monster whoops, and riding on the toughest terrains.

To ensure an exceptional product, we’ve increased the size of our tie rod ends, added misalignment bushings, and finished it with the optimal blend of materials and heat treating. Our high strength 4130 chromoly end is oversized for an increased bearing surface area, leaving you with all-out strength, durability, and reliability.


The Industry’s Strongest Rack and Pinion

Our Rack and Pinions come complete with everything you need to replace your stock unit, including all new hardware, upgraded heavy-duty tie rods, and tie rod ends.

  • Housing has 40% more material for added strength
  • 15% larger rack gear
  • 5mm thick carbon steel mounting plates
  • 10.9 grade hardware
  • Internal Teflon bushing for longevity
  • Increased tie rod bearing size

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Image showing the parts of a SuperATV Rack and Pinion kit

Tie Rod Kits

As you move to larger tires, and/or more difficult terrain, your stock steering linkage can take a real beating. Don’t get caught on the trails with a broken tie rod. Replace your OEM tie rods with SuperATV’s heavy-duty upgrade.

With a SuperATV Tie Rod Kit, you don't have to worry about the wear and tear you get from stock tie rods. We make our tie rods with swaged 4142 chromoly steel alloy to make our kits as strong as possible. The swaged design prevents binding or shearing much better than standard straight rods. We also make our tie rods with a hardened steel monoball and chromoly construction.


Heavy Duty Tie Rod Ends

SuperATV specifically designs and engineers our Tie Rod Kits to perform better, last longer, and work harder than OEM tie rods.

  • Made of 4130 chromoly
  • Precision blend of materials and heat treatment
  • M14x1.5 threads
  • Only works with SuperATV Heavy-Duty Tie Rods

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Image showing the parts of a SuperATV Rack and Pinion kit

LEARN How to install A RACK & PINION

LEARN How to install A RACK & PINION Is it time to replace your worn out rack and pinion on your Polaris Ranger? SuperATV has your covered with their RackBoss Heavy Duty Rack and Pinion. Designed to withstand extreme abuse from massive tires, monster whoops, and the toughest of terrains. Riding can wreak havoc on your steering system. Forget dealing with sloppy steering and upgrade to the industry's leading steering assembly - RackBoss. T00H09M48S 2019-07-2
UTV with Lift Kit going down rocky path