What Windshield Is Best For A Polaris Ranger?

There are a variety of windshields for a Polaris Ranger. You want to consider both the design and the material it’s made from when choosing a windshield. Glass windshields are the strongest and can be fit with a windshield wiper but are heavy and come as a full windshield. Polycarbonate windshields scratch easier but are lighter, cheaper, and can be found in full, half, and flip-out variations as well as some others. SuperATV has several varieties for the Polaris Ranger alone.

Between full, half, flip, and glass windshields, you should be able to find the windshield that fits your lifestyle and ride style perfectly, and the breakdown is very simple. Live or work somewhere where it’s cold and rainy much of the year? A glass windshield with a wiper kit is probably the right choice. Live out in the desert where the breeze always feels good? Go for a half windshield. Live somewhere with seasons? You’ll want a flip windshield for sure. In fact, if you’re still not sure you can’t go wrong with a flip windshield. It’s by far the most versatile and the most popular. You’ll be hard pressed to find somebody who regrets buying a flip windshield.

Polaris Ranger Half Windshield | SuperATV

Do I want a glass windshield?

There are a few things to consider that should help you decide whether glass or polycarbonate is right for you. The main advantage of glass is that it will last much longer than polycarbonate an it’s nearly impossible to scratch. You can take glass with you anywhere and as long as you don’t roll it or get wacked by a rock from someone in front of you, it will probably outlast your machine. Most glass windshields have the option to have a wiper attached. Apart from their longevity, glass windshields are perfect as part of an enclosed cab—something many Ranger drivers prefer.

Do I want a polycarbonate windshield?

Polycarbonate windshields are lighter, cheaper, and are available in a variety of options. SuperATV uses a proprietary hard coated polycarbonate material to construct their flip, half, and full windshields. This Makes them more resistant to abrasions than your standard polycarbonate but still a far cry from the hardness of glass. The real advantage of polycarbonate is all the variations it comes in.

Do I want a full windshield?

A full windshield is great if you ride in cold weather. There’s nothing worse than having cold wind blasting your face while you’re out riding. A full windshield will help keep you warm and keep debris and bugs from hitting you in the face year-round.

Do I want a half windshield?

The primary advantage of a half windshield is that they deflect most wind but let enough in to keep your cool. They can also be tinted to reduce glare from ground reflections. SuperATV designs these to keep a low profile so they won’t block your vision.

Do I want a flip windshield?

Yes, is the short answer. It’s the best option to keep on your vehicle year-round. That’s because they can be opened fully to allow maximum airflow on a hot day, and closed fully for when the wind gets a little too chilly. SuperATV flip windshields have the added feature of being able to open it partially so you can keep out bugs, rain, or debris, but let the air flow in on a hot day. They can also be easily opened and closed from inside the cab.

Polaris Ranger Filp Windshield | SuperATV