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Our A-Arms Let You Ride As Rough As You Want.

Don't let the effects of rough, off-road driving conditions stand between you and the trail. High-Clearance A-arms from SuperATV provide you with added clearance and bulletproof suspension.

Closeup of UTV with Silver Radius Arms Installed
Bushings Kit for SuperATV A-Arms


Our bushing kits will keep your machine up and running and your A-arms free from wear.

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Closeup of UTV with Orange Boxed A-Arms Installed

SuperATV's A-arms give you an extra 2" of clearance without adding a lift kit! They have 25% larger tubing and a unique dual bend design forward control arms which means there’s no added wear and tear on important components such as axles and tie rods! They also feature the industry leading Adjustable Pivot Blocks allowing for full camber adjustment.

Closeup of UTV with Black Rear Trailing Arms Installed

SuperATV’s Rear Trailing Arms are methodically designed with leading edge CAD software and made from high strength steel plating. We built them for punishment so you don’t have to worry about your suspension when you’re focused on conquering steep hills.

Closeup of UTV with Red Radius Arms Installed

SuperATV’s High-Clearance Radius Arms are engineered for strength and longevity. They’re smarter, stronger, and sleeker than any other radius arms around. They're 4x stronger than stock, and smartly designed to eliminate sheer points and weak spots.