Polaris ATV Brake Pads



Brake Pads for a Better Ride
Your Polaris ATV sends you flying through trails and tracks, but sometimes you’ve got to hit the brakes to stay in control. Get SuperATV’s Polaris ATV Brake Pads to stop on a dime. Whether you need a standard pad for easy riding or a heavy-duty sintered pad for getting dirty, we’ve got a brake pad replacement for you.

Sintered Brake Pads
When things start getting wild, you’ll want our sintered brake pads to keep you in control. The sintered copper pads are built to give you superior stopping power in wet or dry conditions and they are incredibly durable.

Standard Brake Pads
Our standard brake pads are built for those that don’t abuse their machine. They shine in dry conditions where they have grip and longevity you can count on. If you’re doing chores and keeping out of nasty trails, our standard brake pads will suit you fine.


Polaris ATP 330
Front 2004-2005: BP-P-004
Rear 2004-2005: BP-P-004

Polaris ATP 500
Front 2004-2005: BP-P-004
Rear 2004-2005: BP-P-004

Polaris Hawkeye 325
Front 2015: BP-P-004

Polaris Hawkeye 400
Front 2011-2014: BP-P-004

Polaris Magnum 325
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004

Polaris Magnum 330
Front 2003-2006: BP-P-004

Polaris Magnum 500
Front 2001-2003: BP-P-004

Polaris Outlaw 500
Front 2006: BP-P-004
Rear 2006: BP-P-004

Polaris Outlaw 525
Rear 2007: BP-P-004

Polaris Phoenix 200
Front 2005: BP-P-004
Rear 2005: BP-P-004

Polaris Predator
Front 2003-2004: BP-P-004
Rear 2003-2004: >BP-P-004

Polaris Predator 500
Front 2005-2006: BP-P-004
Rear 2005-2006: BP-P-004

Polaris Scrambler 2x4
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004
Front 2007-2009: BP-P-004

Polaris Scrambler 400 4x4
Front 2002: BP-P-004

Polaris Scrambler 500
Front 2001-2012: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 700 Military
Front 2009: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 800 Military
Front 2008, 2012, 2015-2016: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 500 Military
Front 2004, 2010: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 335
Front 2000: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 400
Front 2001-2005 & 2011-2014: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 450
Front 2006-2007 & 2016-2019: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 500
Front 2000-2013: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 500 Touring
Rear 2010-2013: BP-P-006

Polaris Sportsman 570
Front 2014+: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 570 Touring
Front 2014+: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 570 X2
Front 2015+: BP-P-006

Polaris Sportsman 570 6X6
Front 2017+: BP-P-006<

Polaris Sportsman 600
Front 2003-2005: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 700
Front 2002-2007: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 800
Front 2005-2014: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 800 6x6
Front 2009-2014: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Blazer
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004
Front 2004-2006: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Blazer 250
Front 2003: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Blazer 330
Front 2008-2013: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Blazer 400
Front 2003: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Blazer Freedom
Front 2002: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Boss
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Boss 325
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004

Polaris Trail Boss 330
Front 2003-2013: BP-P-004

Polaris Worker 500
Front 2001: BP-P-004

Polaris Xpedition 325
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004

Polaris Xpedition 425
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004

Polaris Xplorer 400
Front 2001-2002: BP-P-004

Polaris 450 Farmhand
Front 2017: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman Forest 570
Front 2014-2015: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman Forest 800
Front 2012-2014: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman Forest 500
Front 2011-2014: BP-P-004

Polaris Sportsman 6x6
Front 2001-2008: BP-P-004

Polaris Forest 800 6x6
Front 2015: BP-P-004

Polaris Phoenix 200 Quadricycle
Front 2005: BP-P-004

Polaris Ace 325
Front 2016: BP-P-010
Rear 2014-2016: BP-P-006

Polaris Ace 500
Front 2017+: BP-P-006
Rear 2017+: BP-P-004

Polaris Ace 570
Front 2016+: BP-P-006
Rear 2016-2018: BP-P-010

Polaris Ace 900
Front 2016: BP-P-010
Rear 2016+: BP-P-006

Polaris Ace 900 EPS XC
Front 2017-2018: BP-P-013

Polaris Brutus
Front 2013-2017: BP-P-010
Rear 2013-2017: BP-P-006

Polaris LSV
Rear 2010-2012: BP-P-006

Polaris GEM EM1400
Front 2014-2016: BP-P-006

Polaris GEM
Front 2013-2015: BP-P-010

Polaris M1400 Gas
Front 2016: BP-P-006
Rear 2016: BP-P-006

Polaris MVRS700
Front 2008, 2010: BP-P-010
Rear 2008, 2010: BP-P-010

Polaris MVRS800
Front 2008: BP-P-010
Rear 2008: BP-P-010

Replaces OE #:
BP-P-004 : 2202412, 2201398, 1910333
BP-P-006: 2202413, 1910514, 1910672, 2202097


  • Uses sintered copper pads for extreme durability
  • Four times more durable than stock
  • Made with a steel backing plate
  • Excellent gripping power in wet or dry conditions
SuperATV offers the premium product on the market and extends the industry's best warranty to go with it. Each replacement part carries a 3-month warranty against manufacturing defects. SuperATV warrants to the original purchaser that each part be free from defects.

Parts may include but are not limited to: heim joints, tie rod ends, ball joints, seal kits, drive belts, wheel bearings, brake lines, bushings, and brake pads.

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