Polaris ATV Heavy Duty Ball Joints



Polaris ATV Heavy Duty Ball Joints

Why We Make It
Having reliable ball joints on your Polaris Sportsman or Polaris Scrambler is more than a convenience, it’s a safety feature. So upgrade to SuperATV’s Heavy Duty Ball Joints to get the most reliable ball joints available and quit worrying about breaking a ball joint.

Industry Leading Strength
We know how important it is to be able to rely on your machine, especially when you machine is an ATV. One failure could result in a serious wreck. That’s why we’ve invested millions in testing equipment so we can make sure our ball joints are the toughest around. We make our heavy duty ball joints out of zinc plated, 4340 chromoly steel that's been hardened using our unique heat treating process. Plus our stud is thicker at the base than stock. The result is a ball joint that’s nearly twice as strong as OEM. You can ride with confidence knowing our ball joints are going to keep your suspension in one piece.

Greaseable - Serviceable
We hate disposable products as much as the next person, so we include a grease fitting and adjustable steel cap in each of our heavy duty ball joints. With the cap you can adjust the stud tension to your liking and you can completely dismantle them for deep cleaning. With a little TLC, you can keep these parts from wearing for years.


  • Ace 570 : 2017+
  • Ace 900 XC : 2017+
  • Scrambler 850 : 2013+
  • Scrambler 850 XP : 2014 Only
  • Scrambler XP 1000 : 2014+
  • Scrambler 1000 : 2015+
  • Sportsman 550 : 2010-2013
  • Sportsman 550 XP : 2009-2014
  • Sportsman Forest 550 : 2011-2014
  • Sportsman 550 Touring : 2010-2014
  • Sportsman X2 550 : 2010-2014
  • Sportsman 850 SP : 2015+
  • Sportsman 850 Touring : 2010-2014
  • Sportsman 850 Touring SP : 2015+
  • Sportsman 850 MV : 2012-2013
  • Sportsman Forest 850 : 2011-2014
  • Sportsman 850 XP : 2009-2015
  • Sportsman X2 850 : 2011
  • Sportsman 850 Highlifter : 2016+
  • Sportsman 1000 Highlifter : 2016+
  • Sportsman 1000 XP : 2015+
  • Sportsman Touring 1000 : 2015+


  • Made a 4340 chromoly steel
  • Unique heat treatment blend greatly extends ball joint life
  • Nearly double the strength of stock
  • Stud is thicker than stock at the base
  • Grease zerk included
  • Pre-adjusted insert gives you the option to control stud tightness and service ball joint

Side by Side Ball Joint Challenge - Find Out Who's the Best?

Who has the best ball joint in the UTV industry? If you are in the market for replacement ball joints for your UTV, you should be looking for the strongest ball joint at the best price. We took on the challenge from our customers to make the best ball joint around, and now we have the testing to prove it. The results are in, and we can't wait to show you how strong SuperATV's Ball Joints are compared to the competition. It doesn't matter if you drive a Polaris, a Can-Am, or a Honda. Our OEM replacement Heavy Duty Ball Joints will out-perform the competition.

Watch this Demo
SuperATV provides some of the best Heavy Duty Ball Joints on the market, and we offer a 5 Year warranty against breakage to go with them. If for any reason you manage to break one of our Heavy Duty Ball Joints, we will replace it free of charge. Whether you pile it up or your buddy took it for an innocent test ride, we've got you covered.

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