Polaris Ranger Brake Pads



Polaris Ranger Replacement Brake Pads

Each package includes 4 pads, which is enough to do both sides of either the front or the rear of the vehicle. These pads are durable and incredibly easy to install. If you can change your car's disc brakes, then you are more than capable of changing your Ranger brake pads by yourself.

If you have any issues, feel free to give us a call at 812-574-7777 and one of our experienced technicians can assist you with any issue you have with any of our products."


Ranger 400
Front 2010-2014: BP-P-006
Rear 2010-2014: BP-P-006

Ranger 500
Front 2008+: BP-P-010
Rear 2006-2013: BP-P-006

Ranger 500 (2017+)
Front 2017+: BP-P-006
Rear 2017+: BP-P-006

Ranger 500 EFI
Front 2011-2013: BP-P-006

Ranger 570 Midsize
Front 2014+: BP-P-006
Rear 2014+: BP-P-006

Ranger 570 Crew
Rear 2016: BP-P-006

Ranger Fullsize 570
Front 2015+: BP-P-010
Rear 2015+: BP-P-006

Ranger Fullsize 570 Crew
Front 2015+: BP-P-010
Rear 2015+: BP-P-010

Ranger XP 570 Fullsize
Rear 2015+: BP-P-010

Ranger 700
Front 2006-2007: BP-P-006
Front 2008-2009: BP-P-010
Rear 2006-2009: BP-P-006

Ranger 700 Crew
Front 2008-2009: BP-P-010

Ranger 700 6x6
Front 2006-2007: BP-P-006
Rear 2007-2009: BP-P-006

Ranger 800
Front 2010-2014: BP-P-010
Rear 2010-2014: BP-P-006

Ranger 800 6x6
Front 2010+: BP-P-010

Ranger 800 Crew
Front 2010-2014: BP-P-010
Rear 2010-2014: BP-P-010

Ranger 800 EFI
Front 2013-2014: BP-P-006

Ranger 800 Midsize
Front 2013-2014: BP-P-006
Rear 2013-2014: BP-P-006

Ranger XP 900
Front 2013+: BP-P-010
Rear 2013+: BP-P-006

Ranger 900 Crew
Front 2013+: BP-P-010
Rear 2013+: BP-P-010

Ranger 900 Diesel
Front 2011-2014: BP-P-010
Rear 2012-2014: BP-P-006

Ranger 900 Diesel Crew
Front 2011-2014: BP-P-010
Rear 2011-2014: BP-P-010

Ranger XP 1000
Front 2017+: BP-P-010
Rear 2017+: BP-P-006

Ranger 1000 Diesel
Front 2015: BP-P-010
Rear 2015+: BP-P-006

Ranger ETX
Front 2015+: BP-P-006
Rear 2015+: BP-P-006

Ranger EV
Front 2010-2015: BP-P-010
Rear 2010-2015: BP-P-006

Ranger TM
Front 2004-2006: BP-P-006
Rear 2004-2006: BP-P-006
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Parts may include but are not limited to: heim joints, tie rod ends, ball joints, seal kits, drive belts, wheel bearings, brake lines, bushings, and brake pads.

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