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Lift Your Performance with GDP

Who says you can't have high performance and lift, too? Our Gear Driven Performance (GDP) portal gear lifts are engineered to take back your torque, keeping your horsepower high even with the extra lift.

4 inch GDP Portal Gear Lift

Why Should I Get a Portal Gear Lift Instead of a Traditional Gear Reduction?

A traditional gear reduction kit puts the gear reduction right into the transmission of your machine while a portal gear lift puts the gear reduction out at the hub. Here are three big reasons why it makes more sense for you to go with a portal gear lift.

It Saves Your Drivetrain
Portal gear lifts put the reduction at the very end of your drivetrain. That means your axles, differential, prop shaft, and transmission will experience less fatigue and last longer. With a traditional reduction, the only part of the drivetrain that gets a break is your transmission.

You Want a Lift Anyway
Odds are, if you want a gear reduction, you want bigger tires. And if you want bigger tires, you need a lift. A portal gear lift gives you both in one package and one installation. That means less work time for you. They also don't mess with your A-arm and axle geometry the way a traditional suspension lift does.

It’s Easier to Install
Portals are easier to install than a traditional gear reduction kit. Instead of ripping apart your machine and your transmission (leave it to the professionals), portals just bolt on at the hub. Easy peasy. Anybody can do it.

Simply an engineering beauty. I’m running a 35 inch tire with the 30 percent reductions and it feels like it did from the factory. I’m truly the envy of my riding group. Brent L. Louisiana
Illustration of three gears in the portal gear lift

How Much Do You Know About Portals?

Most people have an opinion about portals and they may even think they know a lot about them. But SuperATV’s GDP Portal Lifts are different. We have spent a lot of time working to perfect our portal gear lifts. Our engineers and design staff have tested our products in the lab and in the field, and we know we have the best portal gear lifts on the market. What you don't know might surprise you.

A Quiet Ride

SuperATV GDP Portals are quiet because we precision grind all of our gears to fit so snugly that you couldn’t get a fingernail between them. That combined with the fact that they’re made with 9310 billet steel alloy means less vibration, less friction, and better performance. Each precision-ground gear makes for a quieter ride with no “clicking.” With thousands of riders logging hundreds of thousands of ride hours on their portals, you can trust GDP to be the most proven portal gear lift you can get. That's not something you'll find anywhere else.

Precision-Ground Gears: Drive Gear, Idler Gear, and Driven Gear

  • Precision-ground 9310 billet steel alloy gears for industry best performance

  • Eliminates friction for reduced heat and noise

  • Advanced Thermo-Tork® gaskets with excellent oil resistance and a lower deterioration

  • 100% sealing coverage throughout so you can forget about oil leaks

Green Kawasaki Teryx UTV in grass
Red Honda UTV tearing through the mud

Installation is Easy

It doesn't matter if this is your first UTV or your tenth — you can lift your ride with GDP Portals. We include all the instructions you need and are just a phone call away if you have any issues. We take our customer service to the next level with a dedicated portal support team. We know you want them, so make it as easy as possible. Once you're done, make sure to send us a pic of your baby for our bulletin board.

Easy to Install and Easy to Adjust

  • Customize your machine to match your riding needs

  • Camber adjustability on all SuperATV A-Arms

  • Each wheel hub includes 4 bolt patterns: 4/156, 4/137, 4/115, 4/110

  • Ability to utilize different wheels on the same hub

  • Stainless steel, braided brake lines included

Reclaim Your Lost Torque

Our GDP Portals provide the torque you need and the speed you want. High clearance seems great until you get left in the dust by your buddies on the trail, but that won't happen with our portals. They offer torque-producing gear reduction of 15% for the 4" lift, 30% for the 4” and 6“ lifts, and 45% for the 6" and 8” lifts. Pair this with the right tires, and you will be cruising at factory speed.

Less Heat + Less Friction = Faster Speeds

  • Increases torque, but keeps your axle angles performance-ready

  • Performs at machine's fullest capacity

Silver Polaris RZR UTV climbing a grassy hill.

how much gear reduction do you need?

Our easy to use Portal Gear Reduction Calculator will tell you how much gear reduction you’ll need to maintain top speed.

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