Portal Gear Lifts

Transform Your Ride

SuperATV’s Gen 3 GDP Portal Gear Lifts give you a lift and a gear reduction in one package. That gives you the clearance you need to run bigger tires, and the torque to turn them. Since the lift and gear reduction are in your hub, they maintain your factory suspension geometry and relieve stress from your drivetrain. You get more lift, more torque, and longer-lasting components. That’s why we call them Gear Driven Performance.

GDP 4 Inch Portal Gear Lift
Gen 3 Portals Are Geared for All

Gen 3 portals are all about getting the portal gear lift you NEED. Now you can choose the gear reduction that is right for your riding style, and decide to build it in a cast or billet aluminum housing. You get a bulletproof portal that’s built for you.

  • 15%, 30%, and 45% gear reductions
  • 4”, 6”, and 8” lifts
  • Cast or billet aluminum housings
  • 9310 alloy billet steel gear material
  • No-leak seals
  • Bulletproof construction

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Group of Accessories for 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch GDP Portal Gear Lift Kits from SuperATV

Portal Gear Lift Parts and Accessories

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Red, White, and Blue UTV in the mud
SEE WHY WE'RE THE INDUSTRY LEADERS IN PORTAL GEAR LIFTS https://youtu.be/tQJAVurKPDI 2018-01-08 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_gen3_portals/VideoStill.png

More Choices Than Ever Before!

Gen 3 lets you choose what gear reduction you WANT with what lift. Everyone knows portals are great for mudders, but our new gear reduction choices make them great for every rider. Get a gear reduction as small as 15% in 4” portals and 30% in 6” portals. That means you can get the ride height and the tire size you want without compromising clearance or speed.

Put them to the test. GDP Portals are great for:

  • Farming
  • Racing
  • Rock Crawling
  • Mudding

  • Dunes
  • Desert
  • Trails
Diagram showing the height and gear reduction combination options for GDP Gen 3 portal gear lifts. 4 inch portals available with 15 percent gear reduction. 4 and 6 inche portals available with 30 percent gear reduction. 6 and 8 inch portals available with 45 percent gear reduction.

Ready to Get Lifted?

Closeup of gears used in GDP Gen 3 portal gear lifts

Gear reductions give you your torque back. With 15%, 30%, and 45% gear reductions, you can customize your portals to fit your riding style and tire size. The bigger the gear reduction, the bigger tire you can run and the crazier the terrain you can roll over. Go with a smaller gear reduction to maintain a higher top speed and when you only need to turn tires that are a few inches bigger than stock. Go between if you want to do a bit of everything.

Closeup of UTV with 8 inch GDP portal gear lifts installed

With 4”, 6” and 8” lifts to choose from, SuperATV offers the widest range of portal lifts anywhere. That means you can get the lift you need for the exact clearance and the tire size you want. From stock tires, all the way up to 40”+ monster tires GDP has you covered.