Polaris Ranger XP 1000 8” Portal Gear Lift



Polaris Ranger XP 1000 8” Portal Gear Lift

The Portal Advantage
Ready to push the limit on your Polaris Ranger XP 1000? Then we’ve got the lift for you — an 8” Portal Gear Lift gives you clearance and torque for monster tires. It maintains perfect axle geometry and gives you a 45% gear reduction to take stress off your driveline. It’s the ultimate lift to take your UTV from mild to way beyond wild. It’s Gear Driven Performance that can’t be beat.

NEW to 8” Portals
Our 8” portals for the Ranger XP 1000 feature a 1.5” forward and rear offset. This gives you room for bigger tires—up to 34” without any other modifications.

The drive gear now seals internally against the housing, not the axle. Even if your axle is dirty, dinged up, or otherwise well-used, the drive gear still seals perfectly and keeps all contaminates out of your portal box.

To ensure the rest of the box is sealed, we utilize a new O-ring gasket in a machined groove that keeps oil in and mud out, no matter how deep you go.

45% Gear Reduction 
The 45% gear reduction (1.82:1 gear ratio) lets you install monster tires and roll over obstacles like it’s a stock machine. The torque that reduction gives you saves your driveline. The portal box maintains your stock axle geometry so your axles last longer. And that means you don’t have to worry. Gear Driven Performance isn’t just about a gear ratio — it’s about riding hard, It’s about going bigger, and it’s about getting your torque back so you can take on anything. Just ride — that’s what Gear Driven Performance is all about.

Gear Driven Performance by SuperATV|Portal Gear Lifts

What Are Micro Polished Gears?
If you want maximum performance, choose our precision ground Micro Polished Gears. Micro Polishing is a process that gently smooths out any imperfections in the surface of the metal during a two-stage, non-abrasive, burnishing process that produces a chrome-like finish. The result is unbelievably smooth gears that have almost zero friction or resistance. This means better oil retention and a longer lifetime than other gears. They will stay cool and quiet, while giving you a little more power to the ground.

Do I need a Frame Stiffener?
Yes, we highly recommend running a SuperATV Frame Stiffener with your 8" Portal Gear Lift. Why? When you push the limits and go big with your Ranger XP 1000, the stock frame just doesn't have what it takes. Drive too fast or bump too hard and the OEM frame will bend. Trust us — we've done it. A frame stiffener reinforces your frame enough to let you ride your 8" portals with monster tires and no worries.

Find out more about frame stiffeners

  • 45% gear reduction
  • 1.5" forward and rear offset maximum
No Leak - Bearings and Seals
  • First in the industry thrust bearing that is specifically designed to take axial load, unlike the standard bearing that is only sufficient for radial loads
  • Automotive grade bearings
  • Press fit, precision ground gears and shafts to eliminate unwanted slop
  • Sealed drive gear for peak performance with any axle
  • O-ring gasket seals housing halves for leak-free riding
Precision-Ground Gears: Drive Gear, Idler Gear and Driven Gear
  • Eliminates friction for reduced heat
  • Quiet gears at all speeds
  • Allows you to run at higher speeds
Gen 2 Portal Drive Shaft
  • Designed to be unbreakable
  • Made of 4340 hardened steel
  • 1.5 in diameter (40 mm)
  • M30 threads
Mounting Plates and Pivot Blocks
  • CNC formed, fully gusseted 5/16" mounting plates
  • Forged pivot blocks
  • Carbon steel caliper mounting plates
Gen 2 Slotted Rotors for Unmatched Cooling
  • Each wheel hub includes 4 bolt patterns 4/156, 4/137, 4/115, 4/110
  • Ability to utilize different wheels on same hub
  • Extra thick hub designed to handle any torque
  • Stainless steel, braided brake lines included in each kit
Wheel Requirements
  • Requires a 22" or larger wheel
  • Wheels cannot exceed 5" backspacing

Suspension Setup Max Tire Size
Stock 34"
1.5" Forward Front A-Arms 37"
1.5" Forward Front A-Arms and 3" Lift Kit 38"
6" Lift Kit 40"
Measurements were taken with suspension fully compressed and at max turn. Although these are not fully representative of normal riding conditions, stated tire sizes will not rub. With minimal rubbing or trimming, larger sizes can be used.

Looking For a Different GDP Size Option?
We also have 4" and 6" GDP Portal Gear Lifts for your machine. If you are looking for other gear reduction options or a little less lift check out these other great products.

Polaris Ranger XP 1000 | 4" Portal Gear Lift (30% Gear Reduction)
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 | 6" Portal Gear Lift (45% Gear Reduction)


  • Polaris Ranger XP 1000 : 2017
  • Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Crew : 2017-2018
  • Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Diesel : 2015+
  • Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Diesel Crew : 2015+
Note: Frame stiffener does NOT fit High Lifter models.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

When filling gear box use only 80W-90 gear oil. Using grease will cause failure of gears and bearings. Using grease will void your warranty.

SuperATV extends the following limited lifetime warranty. This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser. SuperATV warrants this product and its parts (excluding bearings, seals, & gaskets). Warranty is limited to material and / or workmanship defect at the time of shipment from the factory, and in no event shall seller have any liability for consequential damages of any kind resulting from a breach of this warranty. This warranty will be void on all products that show evidence of misapplication, improper installation, abuse, lack of proper maintenance, negligence, or alteration from original design. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, either expressed or implied, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILTY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Procedures for obtaining warranty service:

Should you have any problems with your Gear Driven Performance product, please call SuperATV Customer Service at 855-743-3427. Please have a copy of your original purchase receipt available, with dealer name (if applicable), date of purchase, and invoice number when calling for technical help. Most often, installation, or break in procedural issues (See break in procedure information, located in the instructions) can be handled quickly by speaking with one of our customer service representatives.

If it is determined that repairs are required to your Gear Driven Performance portal, you MUST acquire an RGA number from our customer service team. RGA's and repair services are ONLY rendered by SuperATV. Any shipping costs incurred after 30 days (starting from the original purchase date) on any Portal returned for repair is the customer's responsibility. ALL Portals must be returned in the original box, with the original packaging, or a similarly well protected box. ALL portals must have the RGA number clearly written on the outside of the package. NO COD packages will be accepted, and no package will be accepted without an RGA number written on the outside of the box. Shipping information, including address and method, will be given to you by our customer service team and/or listed on our website when you create your RGA.

Upon arrival of your warranty parts we will have them inspected by our technicians to determine if the damage was a manufacturing defect or rider/installation error. The inspection usually takes place 1-2 days after the package arrives. SuperATV will then call you with the results of the inspection. Depending on the outcome of the inspection, you may be required to pay a replacement fee for the broken parts (prices may vary depending on parts that need to be replaced). We do our best to get your issues corrected as soon as possible so you can get back out on the trails. We also match shipping labels for our customers. If you ship the warranty parts to us with an overnight label, we will return the favor and send you the replacements parts on an overnight shipment at no charge.

Replacement bearings, seals and gaskets can be found at www.SuperATV.com.

Thank you for your business!