Polaris Ranger XP 570 6" Portal Gear Lift



Gen 3 Portals Are Geared for All
With Gen 3 GDP Portals, you get to choose between 30% and 45% gear reductions, so you get to decide just how wild you want to make your Polaris Ranger Full-Size XP 570. Either way, you get more power to the ground and a 6” Portal Gear Lift that lets you blaze a new trail.

GDP—the Most Trusted Name in Portals
You won’t find a portal gear lift that has more ride hours and more real-world use anywhere. In fact, more riders roll on GDP portals than any other portal system. They’re put through their paces every weekend by thousands of riders. You can count on them making your ride awesome.

Perfect for Mud
Taking your Ranger in the mud is a good way to get stuck. Once you get it lifted and loaded with a 6” GDP Portal Gear Lift, you’ll be tearing through bounty holes like they’re mud puddles. That ground clearance will keep you from getting swamped and the gear reduction will keep you moving forward.

A Gear Reduction That Protects Your Drivetrain
Thanks to the fact that the gear reduction goes right in the hub, portals reduce the stress on your axles, differential, prop shaft, and transmission. That means that this is a lift that’s easier on your drivetrain than riding stock. It’s a win-win.

Learn more about how tire size and gear reduction can unleash your machine’s potential.

Unmatched Gear Material
We make our gears as strong and smooth as possible because they’re at the center of what a portal gear lift does. Our top-of-the-line gears are made of 9310 alloy steel for extreme strength. They’re precision ground for a perfect mesh and they give you super-quiet portals no matter how hard you ride.

Stronger Housings by Design
Portal housings are complex pieces of hardware that require precise design and manufacturing to maximize strength. We’ve been making them for years and have the real-world experience combined with the in-house expertise to make sure they’re unstoppable. That means whether you opt for our USA-made, billet aluminum housings or our affordable cast aluminum housings, you know you’re getting a box that can stand up to tons of abuse.
  • Our housings are reinforced in all the right places
  • They’re built with better oil flow and gearing forces in mind
  • There are no gimmicks and no vents because vents do more harm than good—we know because we tested them
The Strongest Portal Backing Plates You Can Get
To make our backing plates as strong as possible, we started with 5/16” thick plating made of an advanced steel alloy that’s even stronger than chromoly. It’s designed for ultra-high force applications so when we finish them by hand welding on gussets and forged pivot blocks, you know they’re gonna last for years without folding over.

Advanced Gaskets and Seals
Whether you go with cast or billet, both housings use:
  • Advanced Thermo-Tork® gaskets with excellent oil resistance and a lower deterioration rate than Kevlar gaskets
  • A sealed input gear and double-lipped output seal
  • 100% sealing coverage throughout so you can forget about oil leaks
Bearings That Rock
Weak bearings can wreck an entire portal kit—that’s why we only use the best. our output bearing is an ultra-tough double-angular contact bearing that can survive severe hits and heavy loads without wearing prematurely. We use bulletproof roller bearings for the idler gear because those bearings are subject to extreme internal torque. There are no cut corners even on the smallest details.

Universal Hubs and Slotted Rotors
Our precision-ground, stainless steel rotors are slotted to stay cool so you get the braking power you need when you need it. Our universal hubs are convenient and practical with 4/156, 4/137, 4/115, and 4/110 bolt patterns and lugs—you can fit wheels built for just about any side-by-side in the world on these hubs. We invented the tapered output shaft that our hubs attach to. It provides a more secure lock that won’t wobble or wear over time.

Top-Rated Customer Service
Still need a little help getting exactly what you need? We’ve got a dedicated team just for portal support. Give us a call so we can get the perfect set of portals in your hands today.

6” Portal Gear Lift Includes:
(4) Assembled portal hub boxes complete with 9310 gears, seals, output shaft, Thermo-Tork® gaskets, and thrust bearings
(4) Universal hubs and precision-ground stainless steel slotted rotors with lugs
(4) Specialized steel alloy backing plates
(4) Steel caliper mounting plates
(2) Steel steering arms
Extended brake lines
All required hardware, including recessed castle nut socket

Polaris RZR XP 570 Portal Gear Reduction Recommendations
Tire Size Required Suspension Setup with 6" Portals Recommended 6" Portal Gear Reduction
Up to 30" Stock 30%
31" 3" Lift Kit 30%
32" to 33" 1.5" Forward Front A-Arms 30%
34" 1.5" Forward Front A-Arms and 3" Lift Kit 30%
35" to 38" 6" Lift Kit 45%
Gear reductions listed are general guidelines to maximize torque and maintain factory top speed. A larger than recommended gear reduction will result in more torque and lower top speed. Give us a call for more information. 


  • Polaris Ranger XP 570 (PRO-FIT Cab) : 2015-2016
  • Polaris Ranger XP 570 Crew (PRO-FIT Cab) : 2015-2016
NOTE: Will Not fit the 2016 Ranger Full-Size 570


  • Available with billet or cast aluminum housing
  • Cool, quiet, precision-ground gears made from 9310 alloy billet steel
  • 1.5 in. diameter 4340 hardened steel drive shaft
  • Housings use Thermo-Tork® gaskets that don’t let anything through
  • Universal hub fits all major bolt patterns
  • Gear reduction reduces stress on your drivetrain
  • Weighs 224 lb. total, which is 25+ lb. lighter than the competition
Wheel Requirements:
  • 18” or larger wheel required
  • Wheels cannot exceed 5” backspacing
Limited Lifetime Warranty

When filling gear box use only 80W-90 gear oil. Using grease will cause failure of gears and bearings. Using grease will void your warranty.

SuperATV takes pride keeping your GDP Portal Gear Lift in working order. That’s why we give you, the original purchaser, a lifetime of portal protection contingent on the following conditions. SuperATV warrants this product and its parts (excluding bearings, seals, & gaskets). Warranty is limited to material and / or workmanship defect at the time of shipment from the factory, and in no event shall seller have any liability for consequential damages of any kind resulting from a breach of this warranty. This warranty will be void on all products that show evidence of misapplication, improper installation, abuse, lack of proper maintenance, negligence, or alteration from original design. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, either expressed or implied, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILTY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Procedures for obtaining warranty service:

Should you have any problems with your Gear Driven Performance product, please call SuperATV Customer Service at 855-743-3427. Please have a copy of your original purchase receipt available, with dealer name (if applicable), date of purchase, and invoice number when calling for technical help. Most often, installation, or break in procedural issues (See break in procedure information, located in the instructions) can be handled quickly by speaking with one of our customer service representatives.

If it is determined that repairs are required to your Gear Driven Performance portal, you MUST acquire an RGA number from our customer service team. RGA's and repair services are ONLY rendered by SuperATV. Any shipping costs incurred after 30 days (starting from the original purchase date) on any Portal returned for repair is the customer's responsibility. ALL Portals must be returned in the original box, with the original packaging, or a similarly well protected box. ALL portals must have the RGA number clearly written on the outside of the package. NO COD packages will be accepted, and no package will be accepted without an RGA number written on the outside of the box. Shipping information, including address and method, will be given to you by our customer service team and/or listed on our website when you create your RGA.

Upon arrival of your warranty parts we will have them inspected by our technicians to determine if the damage was a manufacturing defect or rider/installation error. The inspection usually takes place 1-2 days after the package arrives. SuperATV will then call you with the results of the inspection. Depending on the outcome of the inspection, you may be required to pay a replacement fee for the broken parts (prices may vary depending on parts that need to be replaced). We do our best to get your issues corrected as soon as possible so you can get back out on the trails. We also match shipping labels for our customers. If you ship the warranty parts to us with an overnight label, we will return the favor and send you the replacements parts on an overnight shipment at no charge.

Replacement bearings, seals and gaskets can be found at www.SuperATV.com.

Thank you for your business!